Dashboard lights and
meanings (part 2)


Be sure you are aware of the severity of your dashboard lights and meanings-with help from wbuc team

Understanding your vehicle's dashboard signs is crucial, as this will help you identify any car malfunctions. Knowing your vehicle's dashboard lights will help you prevent any fatal damage to your car or an accident in case of a failing component. Your dashboard may be different, and the symbols may look slightly other things; if unsure, read your owner's manual.

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Engine warning symbols lights may appear if there's an issue with your vehicle's engine. Here are a few engine warning lights that can appear on your vehicle's dashboard:

Engine warning symbol (yellow outline of a small engine)-This may appear on the dashboard if there's an issue with the engine management system. It could be triggered due to a vehicle emission system problem or an incorrectly fitted air flow sensor. Sometimes, a loose fuel cap can also trigger a warning sign as there may be air in the fuel system.

Engine oil (yellow oil can) pressure warning symbol may appear on the dashboard if there's an issue with engine oil circulation. The warning sign appears in case of a low oil level, a faulty oil pump, higher consumption of oil, a clogged oil filter, or a defective sensor. If the warning sign glows, you first need to check the oil level and top up if necessary.

Engine temperature (a thermometer with two wavy lines at the bottom) warning symbol shows if the engine is running too hot or overheating, you will see an engine temperature warning light on your dashboard. A faulty cooling system, low coolant level, low oil level, a faulty thermostat, leakage of coolant, etc., can trigger this warning sign.

Brake warning light symbols may appear when the vehicle is experiencing a sensor failure, which erroneously triggers the brake warning light. It is vital to take these lights very seriously, as you can only sometimes identify the issue while driving or feel a problem when applying the brakes.

Anti-lock Braking System light ("ABS" surrounded by two circles, with the top and bottom of the outer circle cut off.) If the light stays on, then the ABS may not be working. A faulty ABS can lead to a lockup of wheels when you apply the brakes in an emergency. The ABS failure can be due to any defective component or sensor in the system.

Brake pad warning light (a circle with an exclamation mark in the middle and rounded brackets surrounding each side of the circle.) A brake pad warning light means worn brake pads, and it's time to replace them. Worn brake pads can deteriorate the braking performance and could be dangerous during emergency braking.

Low brake fluid warning light (a circle containing an exclamation mark, and the circle is surrounded on each side by what looks like rounded brackets.) This warning sign appears on the dashboard if the brake fluid is low. A low fluid level may lead to the failure of brakes.

Article posted on: 08 December 2022. Author: Megan

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