Dashboard lights and
meanings (part 1)


Be sure you are aware of the severity of your dashboard lights and meanings-with help from wbuc team

The dashboard is an essential part of your vehicle. It relays crucial information to the driver to inform them if something isn't functioning correctly or warn drivers of malfunctions. Understanding your vehicle's dashboard signs is critical, as this will help you identify any car malfunctions. Knowing your vehicle's dashboard lights will help you prevent any fatal damage to your car or an accident in case of a failing component.

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Over the years, vehicles have evolved drastically, and dashboard features indicate vital information to the driver. Cars have a built-in monitoring system to ensure that things keep running smoothly. If the sensors pick up that your vehicle suddenly starts behaving differently, pacific lights will appear, informing you of the problem.

The severity of your dashboard lights can be identified by three colours green, amber, and red. Firstly it is essential to understand the difference in the colours:

Green warning lights – indicate that your system is working correctly.

Amber warning lights – indicate that something is not working as it should be. This is something to investigate as soon as possible, and you must take extra care while in the vehicle.

Red warning lights – indicate that there is a severe and potentially dangerous problem. As soon as a red dashboard light appears, stop driving as soon as it is safe.

Why should you never ignore your vehicle's dashboard warning lights?

It is vital to pay attention to your vehicle's dashboard warning lights, as this helps you identify the vehicle's issue and how major or minor it can be. The earlier you determine the problem, the less damage you will cause to your car. Crucial components such as brakes, steering, and transmission can be expensive to repair if you ignore those early warning signs. And most importantly, ignoring some dashboard signs can hamper your safety. For example, if you miss the airbag warning sign, it can be fatal in case of a collision.

Here are a few standard dashboard lights which can often appear:

Hand brake warning light (a circle with an exclamation mark or letter P)-If the light stays on even after releasing the handbrake, the system has some issues. This may indicate a loss of hydraulic pressure or a low fluid level in the master cylinder.

Battery charge warning light (with + and - signs)- This often indicates a problem with the battery charging. A faulty alternator belt, loose battery cables, or corroded battery terminals may trigger this warning symbol. As well as the excessive load on the battery (too many accessories) can also lead to a battery alert sign appearing on the dashboard.

Low fuel indicator light (flashing text or a gas pump symbol)- If your car is low on fuel, you can see an icon resembling a fuel pump with a hose. It glows if the system detects there is insufficient fuel. Suppose you see a low fuel warning light; refuel immediately.

Windshield washer fluid light (windshield and dotted lines)- The washer fluid light glows if the washer fluid is low. The sensor may have some issues if the light stays lit even after refilling the liquid. Always fill the wiper washer fluid, as it may be handy to clean the windshield.

Article posted on: 04 December 2022. Author: Megan

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