Feeling Flat……How to use
jump leads correctly


Struggling with a flat battery? The Webuyurcar team is here to help

A jump-start is a great way to start a car with a flat battery. However, you must know how to use the jump leads correctly, as this can cause a lot of damage to the vehicle and the people involved if they are not correctly used. Here we have created a step-by-step guide on how they should be used and included some safety tips you should always keep in mind along the way.

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Vehicle batteries often die as the acid is corrosive, which may be a prominent factor. Also, due to corrosion at the connections, you can check under your bonnet. The battery terminals are the points of contact on the top of your battery; one is marked with a positive, the other a negative. A great way to charge a battery up is by using jump leads, but these must be used in a safe specific way for a good result.

Safety tips to be aware of before the jumper starts the vehicle:

Check that your car battery isn't damaged or leaking; if it is, seek help from a professional.

Never use jump leads that are damaged.

If the jump leads get hot, stop using them immediately.

Make sure no metal (such as jewellery, rings, watch straps, necklaces, or hand tools) touch the battery, as these could create a spark and cause it to explode.

That there are no naked flames anywhere near the battery, including cigarettes.

Step-by-step guide on how to use jump leads:

Battery jump leads are a pair of cables used to recharge a flat car battery by connecting it to the battery in another vehicle. Jump leads allow an engine in a critical situation to be restarted and is considered an essential item that should be kept in every car. Jump lead packs can often be purchased in auto parts stores, garages, supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, etc.

Tip-To charge the battery, you must have a vehicle with a fully charged battery. You should avoid using a hybrid or electric car as this could damage your vehicle.

Step one, you must line up the fully charged vehicle alongside your flat vehicle as you want it, so both cars are within easy reach of one another but not touching. Make sure the handbrakes are on, and the ignitions are off.

Step two connect the red jump lead; get your red jump lead and connect it to the working battery's positive (+) terminal to the flat battery's positive (+) terminal.

Step three connect the black jump lead, get your black jump lead, and connect it to the negative (-) terminal on the working battery. Then, attach the other end to the earthing well (unpainted metal on the engine block or chassis) away from the fuel system and battery.

Step four starts the car with the working battery; once the jump leads have been attached, keep both cars off for three minutes before starting the working car's engine, then leave the vehicle to run for around 1 minute.

Step five start the car with the flat battery, then turn on the engine in your vehicle. Leave both running for around 10 minutes.

Finally, turn off both cars and disconnect the leads in the opposite order to how they were connected (disconnect the black lead from your car first, finishing with the red lead from the other car). Make sure to be careful when doing this, as this can cause a spark, if they are to touch one another. Then once disconnected, start your vehicle as usual, and it should be up and running. If the vehicle doesn't, this might mean there is a more serious issue needing professional help.


Article posted on: 25 January 2023. Author: Megan

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